USS Chowder Pot IV

← Restaurants USS Chowder Pot IV USS Chowder Pot IV has been open for over twenty years, serving the freshest seafood, live Maine lobsters, and delicious prime rib. Ok – they don’t serve LIVE Maine lobsters. But they do have the tank, and you know what happens from there. RIP lobsters – pass the butter.  […]

Ichiban Japanese & Korean Restaurant

← Restaurants Ichiban Korean & Japanese Restaurant The best restaurants are embraced by their neighborhoods, and this one is almost always filled with locals, multi-generational families, hipsters, and suits. They do Japanese food and family-style Korean BBQ. You can request to sit at one of the tables with a small grill in the center and […]

Piolin Restaurant

← Restaurants Piolin Restaurant Piolin serves some of the most amazing and authentic Peruvian dishes anywhere in the state. The portions are enormous, so plan accordingly and bring friends.  Photo lovingly borrowed from Piolin Restaurant. VISIT THEM 417 New Britain AvenueHartford, CT 06106 (860) 293-1255 Facebook-f Desktop


← Bars / Restaurants Salute Salute has, hands down, the best garlic bread in the entire world. THE ENTIRE WORLD. Please read that in not just all-caps, but quintuple all-caps. Other house faves are the sweet potato ravioli in a sage cream sauce, their house-made ricotta gnocchi with chicken, and a salad with a big […]

First & Last Tavern

← Restaurants First & Last Tavern This place is a Hartford institution. The atmosphere is boisterous without being too loud or rowdy. The food is awesome, old-school Italian. First date? Perfect spot. Out of town guests? Bring them to First and Last. Young kids? Absolutely. Grandparents in town? Bring ‘em over. TRIVIA: Open since 1936, […]

Parrilla Y Sabores

← Restaurants Parrilla Y Sabores Parrailla Y Sabores: Lo mejor de la Cocina Colombiana en Hartford. There’s a Yelp review for Parrilla Y Sabores that deserves to be quoted here. Dianna L wrote, “Disclaimer: the only things I have eaten from Parrilla y Sabores are their empanadas… but those babies alone deserve like 7 stars […]

The Capital Grille

← Bars / Restaurants The Capital Grille The Capital Grille’s website states that “It is our sole desire that everything, and we mean everything, that arrives at your table at The Capital Grille delights you. To ensure that experience, we use only the finest, freshest ingredients, artfully prepared in recipes designed to engage all of […]

Monte Alban Restaurant

← Restaurants Monte Alban Emily C. opens her Yelp review of Monte Alban with a prayer to the guacamole gods: “Holy mole mole mole mole. No. Seriously. Mole.” Emily C. is correct. Holy mole indeed. But also holy guacamole, holy enchilada, holy tortilla soup, holy homemade hot sauce, and holy delicious magic corn cake thing […]

Agave Grill

AGAVE GRILL Agave has awesome guacamole, prepared tableside and served in a lava rock bowl, a full brunch with happy hour-priced drink specials on Saturdays AND Sundays, plus churros you can dip in dulce de leche. To cap it all off, Agave’s bar is stocked with 87 different kinds of tequila. It could take you […]

J Restaurant/Bar

← Attractions / Shops & Services J Restaurant/Bar J Restaurant’s entrees are determined by their chefs, based on the freshest market ingredients available. They pride themselves on their house-made sauces, breads & soups and use only the freshest ingredients, buying local whenever possible. The menu is primarily Italian with a good mix of down-home and […]