There are precious few occasions where First and Last wouldn’t be the very perfect choice of restaurant. The atmosphere is boisterous without being too loud or rowdy. The food is awesome. It’s a perfect first date restaurant; bright and cozy at the same time, with enough hustle and bustle to masque any potential silences and walls covered in images of Hartford throughout the years that will provide plenty of things to talk about should you run out of things to say. Out of town guests? Bring them to First and Last. Young kids? Fine. Grandparents in town? Bring ‘em over. There have been other locations to open over the years, but the original on Maple is such a special place. TRIVIA: Open since 1936, The First and Last Tavern derives its name for its location being the first tavern inside the town line and the last tavern when leaving the city of Hartford.

First & Last Tavern
939 Maple Ave
Hartford, CT 06114
(860) 956-6000