Roadside Assistance

HBID Ambassadors provide free on-site vehicular roadside assistance to drivers in the downtown commercial core and a portion of the Asylum Hill neighborhood. Ambassadors help with automobile lock-outs, emergency refueling, flat tires, and jump starts.

The HBID’s free on-site bicycle roadside assistance program is the first of its kind in the nation. HBID Ambassadors were trained to fix a flat, inflate a tire, replace a tube, reattach a slipped chain, or tighten up loose bolts, free of charge, anywhere in the District. Now in its third year, the program was designed to foster an increase in bicycle transit and provide a reliable support system for new or existing bicycle commuters.

Hartford Has It Banners

Downtown Hartford is the region’s business, arts, culture and entertainment epicenter encompassing the area’s largest daytime office population, a growing residential community, great restaurants and nightlife. The Hartford Business Improvement District’s Street Banner Program helps to create an attractive environment for employees, visitors and residents of downtown hartford.

Banner sponsorships are available for the more than 250 street pole banner locations throughout the greater downtown area. The HBID’s street banner program also extends west on Farmington Avenue and south down Main Street into South Green. Locations are available on a first come, first served basis.


Pratt Street Management

The HBID works cooperatively with the City of Hartford to program and manage events and activations on Pratt Street.
District Ambassadors set out tables and chairs for the general public, provide security, cleaning and hospitality services. The HBID staff manages seasonal decorations for the street, oversees seasonal plantings, manages requests from merchants, property owners and other entities interested in holding activities on Pratt Street.

Photo: Andy Hart

5x5 Hartford

5×5 is a term originating with radio communications to indicate how a message has been received on a scale of one to five. If a message comes in 5 x 5, it is strong and clear.

The HBID commissioned the Rise Up Group and CT Murals to assist with the selection of five Hartford-area artists to create five new 5’ x 5’ murals throughout the central business district, using the message of strength and positivity as their inspiration. The murals can be found on Talcott Street, Kinsley Street, High Street, Church Street, and Farmington Avenue. 

MakerspaceCT Scholarships

Creating placemaking furniture, lighting installations, or interactive art specifically for business improvement districts is a growing market. The HBID wanted to create a program that would introduce local makers and creatives to a potential revenue stream, and connect them to Makerspace CT; a state-of-the art facility with the tools and training to increase their skill set.

Following a call for submissions for the Make-A-Thing program, three year-long memberships to Makerspace CT were awarded to three local makers.