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Surrounded by the area’s largest daytime office
population, a burgeoning residential commu-
nity, and great restaurants and nightlife, the
Hartford Business Improvement District street
banners offer 24 hour brand recognition to
thousands of people every day, while creating
an attractive environment for visitors, employ-
ees, and residents of downtown Hartford.

Visibility & Brand Recognition
The HBID’s street banners are viewed by hun-
dreds of thousands of visitors, commuters, and
residents every year. Banners are seen in televi-
sion news broadcasts, advertisements, in hun-
dreds of social media posts, and in the online
photo galleries for several high profile events.
Sponsor’s logos appear in prominent positions
on each banners, and will add a place-based
geographically focused dimension to PR and
communication efforts.

Banners will be posted for a minimum of eight
(8) months over the course of a calendar year.
They may be removed for short periods of time
to accomodate holiday decorations and ban-
ners for city-wide events. There are more than
250 street pole banner locations throughout the
greater downtown area. Locations are available
on a first come, first served basis.