5x5 is a term originating with radio communications to indicate how a message has been received on a scale of one to five. If a message comes in 5 x 5, it is strong and clear.

We commissioned the Rise Up Group and CT Murals to assist with the selection of five Hartford-area artists to create five new 5’ x 5’ murals throughout the central business district, using the message of strength and positivity as their inspiration.

Deka Henry

“From Hartford With Love” was inspired by the strength and unity displayed in Hartford during the 2020 protests and much of the world. This Modern Mosaic Mural is reminder that black lives matter and how smaller pieces make up the bigger picture. Every individual fighting for a small fragment of change is aiding in turning the wheel for the larger movement, and for that we are thankful. This if for the people fighting to make the world a better place, fighting to have their voices heard, and most importantly, fighting to breathe.

Track 23. Main Street Hartford, CT.

Alex Ranniello

The idea of Hartford’s strength and unity in its residents is a concept that is both noble and poignant. I wanted to use this design to reflect the everyday unity and bond we must hold as a community to tackle both issues and opportunities EVERY SINGLE DAY. This design delivers that message because it serves as a reminder that every morning is an opportunity to uplift others. Every morning is a new day and new opportunity to seize opportunity and help those in our community of Hartford. The sun design is something accessible, iconic, friendly, and gestural.

Constitution Plaza. Kinsley Street Hartford, CT.

John Massey

“The World is Yours” is meant to inspire youth to dream big and prioritize their future. Showing a person of color graduating from college represents so many generational curses being broken and hopefully motivate youth that see if to do the same.

Union Place Realty. Church Street Hartford, CT.

Julie Bergeron

A collage of young women, this mural is designed to reflect the YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. The young women in the mural are unique individuals all from Hartford, and are united by their positivity, resilience, and ability to look toward the future.

YWCA. Broad Street Hartford, CT.