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Photos: 2017 Fall Instagrammys

Some of our favorite Instagram shots from this past Fall around Hartford. Each photo is named after the Instagram account from whence it came. Give […]
Dec 21, 2017 /

Hartford Bakery Guide

Sometimes you just want something warm and delicious, or maybe something a little extra sweet. You also might not have the time or the desire […]
Dec 13, 2017 /

13 Sandwiches You Should Eat In Hartford

November 3rd is National Sandwich Day, which shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as there is now a holiday for everything. (Seriously, did you know […]
Nov 3, 2017 /

Get Tattooed In Hartford

There's an abundance of great tattoo shops in Hartford. Here's a list of just a few highly rated shops: Pelican Tattoo & Body Piercing 577 Park St, […]
Oct 27, 2017 /

2016 Winter Instagrammys

Winners of the second Winter Instagrammys receive a t-shirt (and some other goodies too). See your photo in the gallery below? Send us […]
Mar 14, 2016 /

I Do Like Corned Beef & Beer!

I’m St. Pat. St. Pat is here. Do you like corned beef and beer? I do like corned beef and beer! I do! I like them, St. Pat-is-here! And […]
Mar 17, 2015 /

Winterfest-inspired Cocktails

BEST NEWS EVER: You can now drink and do good at the same time. (Not that kind of good. Well, maybe later.) A portion of […]
Dec 17, 2013 /

Instant Expert: The Wadsworth

Heading to the Wadsworth Atheneum to see their newest exhibition, MATRIX 168: Allison Schulnik? While you're there, check out these three exhibitions, or sound like […]
Dec 17, 2013 /

Hartford Has It

The Hartford Has It campaign is designed to motivate city and regional residents to identify with Hartford, to feel good about the city and to […]
Oct 10, 2013 /

Andy Hart's Photographs

Andy Hart is an AWESOME photographer. See the photo on our home page? Andy took that one, and the one above. Amazing, right? You can […]
Jun 22, 2013 /

Foam Fingers at Hockey Games

Foam Fingers at Hockey Games Foam fingers are excellent for pointing at things, poking things and pretending to pick your nose. Foam paws are also awesome […]
Jul 26, 2012 /

The Jerk Chicken Sandwich at The Russell

The Russell's The Jerk Chicken Sandwich on Coco Bread with the side of Fried Plantain is dangerously delicious. If you're not familiar with Coco Bread […]
Jul 26, 2012 /

The Corpse Preserver at CHS

Ew + Awesome = the Corpse Preserver at CHS. Not only is it creepy as hell all on its very own, it's insulated with horse […]
Jul 26, 2012 /

Sledding at Elizabeth Park

Or Bushnell Park, or Riverside Park, or Colt Park... There is some tremendously good sledding to be had in Hartford. Now get off your couch, […]
Jul 26, 2012 /

International Awesomeness Day

It's not sanctioned by the government, but it's on the internet, so it has to be real.  On March 10th, embrace the fact that all […]
Jul 26, 2012 /

Horse Police

These particular horses were outside the XL Center and are clearly talking to each other about Women's Basketball.  Mounted patrols are cool, even though some […]
Jul 26, 2012 /

Cappuccino and Cannoli at Mozzicato's Caffe

Cappuccino and Cannoli at Mozzicato's Caffe The Caffe, attached to Mozzicato's Bakery and Pastry Shop (its the door right on the corner of the building), is […]
Jul 26, 2012 /

$2 PBR cans at the Spigot every night

There are $2 PBR cans at the Spigot every night. And Miller High Life cans, and Genesee Cream Ale cans, and Red Dog cans, and […]
Jul 26, 2012 /

"Werner Herzog" Reads Kids Books

Hartford's own Ryan Iverson makes these awesomely creepy odes to Werner Herzog and classic children's literature.  Enjoy, but beware. You will never again be able […]
Jul 26, 2012 /