Cheese the day and get your carbo-load on with this list of all the best mac & cheeses to put in your face hole.
Cheesy like Sunday morning


Salute makes their macaroni and cheese just like the Commodores like it – with curly noodles, caramelized onions, and smoked bacon. It’s Lionel Ritchie’s favorite comfort food of all time (probably). 

The daddy mac'll make ya

Black-Eyed Sally's

The “Mac Daddy” is baked in a crock with brisket, caramelized onions, and three cheeses. This mac and cheese is so good it’ll make you put your pants on backwards. That way you can eat all you want and have extra room in the tummy area where your butt usually goes. 

Easy as one-two-cheese


We lied. The Wood-n-Tap mac-n-cheese is bringing sexy jack with a, b, c, one, two, three, FOUR cheeses, plus a little something extra. It’s chipotle pepper. 

I want it that whey

Bear's Smokehouse

The Mac Attack at Bear’s is their fire, the one they desire. It’s a glorious customizable pile of mac and cheese topped with your choice of brisket, or burnt ends, or pastrami, or impossible meatloaf, or bacon, or jalapenos. Or bacon AND jalapenos. If there was a Backstreet Boys seal of approval, it’d be slathered all over this mac-n-cheese like bbq sauce on, um, this mac-n-cheese.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

Portly Pig

Everybody’s looking for something and we know what it is. It’s pulled pork rib meat sauteed in garlic oil and tossed with creamy house cheese sauce and ziti. Topped with garlic toasted cornbread crumbs and a dusting of honey Chipotle rub. You’re probably going to want to eat this one laying down. 

The whey you make me feel

Fowl Play

So, you know how you’re always saying that the only thing that’s missing from the pâté of the south is pasta? Say hello to Foul Play’s pretty little side piece: the Pimento Mac and Cheese. And if you’d rather your mac is part of the main event, you can order the Mac Daddy or the Baby Daddy. Add that sweet cheese to your hot chicken sandwich and let it love up on the buns next to some fried pickles and comeback sauce. 

Cheese don't stop loving me

Max Downtown

Full disclosure: we thought Karlie was probably someone who works at Max and was like, really grateful that they put this on the menu, but we were wrong. IT’S MAGIC CHEESE FROM ARETHUSA FARM: “Made in the tradition of French farmhouse Camembert, Karlie’s Gratitude brings the flavors of France to the Litchfield Hills. In just a few short weeks, it transitions from firm and lactic to buttery and oozy, becoming the perfect match for a warm, fresh baguette side of pasta”