Zion Hill Cemetery

ZION HILL CEMETERY Tucked next to Trinity College, just off of Zion Street is Zion Hill Cemetery. It’s not the largest cemetery you’ll visit by any stretch, which makes their inordinate number of Civil War veterans so unique. Over 200 soldiers are buried here, many of whom died in battle. Everyone knows that cemeteries with […]

Sigourney Square Park

SIGOURNEY SQUARE PARK Sigourney Square (1895) is a square block that was conceived with a simple “X” walk pattern connecting its four corners and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district on January 16, 1979. Sigourney Square was originally part of the old Town Farm area, a forgotten burial […]

Sculpture In The City

SCULPTURE IN THE CITY Take a self guided walking tour starting at the Wadsworth to engage with the seven works of outdoor sculpture on and near the museum grounds, and the architecture of their five connected buildings. Share your #sculptureinthecity experience on social media. Photo lovingly borrowed from Wadsworth Atheneum. 600 Main Street Hartford, CT […]

Bushnell Park

BUSHNELL PARK The oldest publicly funded park in the United States. Today the park boasts 50 acres of green space, a carousel, and plays host to tons of festivals and events. Photos lovingly borrowed from Bushnell Park Foundation. Bushnell Park Hartford, CT (860) 232-6710 Facebook Instagram Desktop

Mortensen Riverfront Plaza

MORTENSEN RIVERFRONT PLAZA A landscaped park over I-91 in downtown Hartford with a stage at the river’s edge providing a scenic venue for performances. Photos lovingly borrowed from Riverfront Recapture. Mortensen Riverfront Plaza Hartford, CT (860) 713-3131 Facebook Instagram Desktop

Riverside Park

RIVERSIDE PARK It’s a Victorian-era park with rowing docks, a boat launch, volleyball, cricket and football fields, playgrounds, a challenge course, walking trails, and fishing. Photos lovingly borrowed from Riverside Park. 20 Leibert Road Hartford, CT 06120 (860) 713-3131 Facebook Instagram Desktop

Underground Park River

UNDERGROUND PARK RIVER Don’t go, but read all this cool stuff and watch the documentary, and then google Connie the mythical 100+ foot-long sea serpent who allegedly took up residence there in the 1800’s.  Desktop

Urban Walks

URBAN WALKS Insider Real Hartford will tell you all the best hiking spots that make you forget you are actually hiking in a city. Photos lovingly borrowed from Real Hartford. Facebook Instagram Desktop

Pope Park

POPE PARK Pope Park has outdoor and indoor pools, a splash pad, playscapes, sports fields, and various indoor activities as well. Photos lovingly borrowed from Pope Park. 30 Pope Park Drive Hartford, CT Facebook Desktop

Elizabeth Park

ELIZABETH PARK Elizabeth Park offers just over one hundred acres of formal gardens, green space, recreational facilities, walking loops, and the Pond House Café. 1561 Asylum Avenue West Hartford, CT 06117 (860) 231-9443 Facebook Instagram Desktop