Tableside Guacamole with avocado, serrano chile, tomato, cilantro and lime served in a lava rock bowl starts off an extensive menu of traditional and exotic Mexican dishes. And they have an terrific weekend brunch, Saturdays and Sundays from 11am – 3pm.
Tequilla Tutorial: You can get a full lesson from Agave on Tequila History if you want one.  Here’s a preview:  As North America’s first distilled drink, and its first commercially-produced alcohol, tequila’s history is long and rich. Its roots reach back into pre-Hispanic times when the natives fermented sap from the local maguey plants into a drink called pulque. Take your new tequila vocab words over to Agave and start ordering.  They have 60 kinds of tequila.  It could take you todo el año.

Agave Grill
100 Allyn Street
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 882-1557