Spectra Wired Cafe

  Hartford’s cozy coffee house by day, turned trendy cocktail bar and outdoor beer garden by night. Spectra Wired Cafe 5 Constitution Plaza Hartford, CT 06103 (860) 906-1835 […]
Aug 28, 2018 /

Porrón and Piña

  Porrón is the restaurant, Piña is the bar. Located inside the Goodwin Hotel, Restaurant Porrón offers incredible Spanish-inspired dishes, and a ham bar (that is […]
Jun 12, 2018 /


L BAR is a contemporary, stylish bar located at the Marriott Hartford Downtown. Their mixologists serve amazing cocktails and pour from a wide selection of […]
Feb 9, 2018 /

Little River Restoratives

As they like to put it, Little River Restoratives is elevating the low road. With their unique array of cocktails, punches, possets, and grogs, Little […]
Jan 23, 2018 /

Thomas Hooker Brewery at Colt

A new tasting room and small batch pilot brewery now open in Hartford. Located in the South Armory at the former Colt firearms complex, their […]
Jan 23, 2018 /

Hanging Hills Brewing Co.

The history of Hartford's newest brewery is steeped in hops and local history. Tales tell of a mystical dog that roams the ridges of the Hanging Hills […]
Dec 4, 2016 /

Hog River Brewing Co.

  Already dubbed "Hartford's living room" for the Cheers-esque ambience, Hog River Brewing Co. is a new addition to Parkville with an old soul. Their taproom is dominated […]
Dec 4, 2016 /

Hartford Flavor Company

  With a mission to provide uniquely flavored natural liqueurs, the Hartford Flavor Company are doing their best to extend the new "cocktail culture." Want to […]
May 23, 2016 /

50 Elm

"50 Elm is a new and welcome addition to Hartford's South Downtown ("SoDo") neighborhood. The menu is eclectic and Caribbean-inspired, and the cocktail list is […]
Jul 13, 2015 /

Infinity Music Hall & Bistro

Infinity Music Hall & Bistro has ALL the things. Here are five of them. Lobster Hushpuppies Concerts and comedy in a gorgeous 500-seat concert hall Their PuPu Platter comes with […]
Jan 12, 2015 /

Ted's Montana Grill

Ted's Montana Grill chose Hartford's Front Street District for their second Connecticut location (take that, New Haven), so now Hartford is home to the restaurant […]
Jul 21, 2014 /


Sorella specializes in traditional wood fired Neapolitan pizza, fresh pasta and antipasti. The restaurant is comfortable, cozy even. And that's cozy in a good way, […]
Jul 21, 2014 /

Polish National Home

This spot is one of the coolest places in Hartford. Go once with one person, so you feel like you have the lay of the […]
Jul 21, 2014 /

Black-Eyed Sally's BBQ and Blues

Black-eyed Sally's is triple the size it was when it opened in 1995, and with good reason...  award winning BBQ and Cajun cooking, and some […]
Jul 21, 2014 /


Salute has, hands down, the best garlic bread in the entire world... THE ENTIRE WORLD. Please read that in not just all-caps, but quintuple all-caps. […]
Jul 20, 2014 /


The people at Casona will tell you that they are "a home for all lovers of Latin American food, drinks and dancing" and if you've […]
Jul 1, 2014 /


If you started writing down all the reasons that Firebox is the one of the best restaurants ever,  you would start with Farm to Table […]
Jun 2, 2014 /

Spigot Café

Spigot Café 468 Prospect Ave, Hartford, CT 06105 (860) 236-7663 The Spigot Café is a real favorite. And not just a favorite. A perennial, there might be […]
Jan 15, 2014 /

The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille's website states that "It is our sole desire that everything, and we mean everything, that arrives at your table at The Capital […]
Nov 12, 2013 /

Tisane Euro-Asian Café

Tisane is a tea house, coffee bar, regular bar and restaurant in the West End. Some people consider it their own version of Cheers and […]
Oct 8, 2013 /

The Half Door

A gastropub is a combination of pub and gastronomy which is dedicated to high-quality food in a relaxed setting. The focus is on regional cooking […]
Oct 8, 2013 /

Agave Grill

Tableside Guacamole with avocado, serrano chile, tomato, cilantro and lime served in a lava rock bowl starts off an extensive menu of traditional and exotic […]
Sep 30, 2013 /

J Restaurant/Bar

J Restaurant’s entrees are determined by their chefs, based on the freshest market ingredients available. They pride themselves on their house-made sauces, breads & soups […]
Jul 15, 2013 /

DISH Bar and Grill

Dish serves yummy comfort food, with a little touch of the fancy pants. Like "Chicken and Dumplings" with herb marinated chicken, semolina dumplings, root vegetables and […]
Jan 16, 2013 /

Trumbull Kitchen

Trumbull Kitchen is part of the Max Restaurant Group. It's like an everyday Max's. Their website describes the restaurant as "contemporary, cool and inventive." It's […]
Jan 12, 2013 /

Bin 228 Panini and Wine Bar

Very tasty food.  Huge wine menu.  And on Mondays, all the bottles on their wine list are half priced, thus, making them twice as good. They've […]
Jan 5, 2013 /

Vaughan's Public House

Such good food.  Awesome staff. Happy Hour starts at 3 in the afternoon and they make their own Irish Cream.  It's pretty much perfect. Sometimes […]
Jan 5, 2013 /

Max Downtown

"With its contemporary design, extensive array of martinis and wines, and sophisticated cuisine, Max Downtown is a favorite with the city's well-heeled and a popular […]
Dec 24, 2012 /

The Federal Cafe

The Federal Cafe 84 Union Place Hartford, CT 06103 The Federal Cafe (the Fed) has been on the corner of Union and Church Street since 1934.  Prohibition is […]
Jul 24, 2012 /

Vivo at the Hartford Marriott

The special menus at Vivo: Brunch, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and all of the other days, are impossible to read without drooling. Known for their […]
Jul 24, 2012 /