Tony:  I was born and raised in Hartford.  My father bought this property when I was about six months old.  Oh, I’ve been all over, but I wound up back home.

Susan:  I’m from Westerly Rhode Island and moved here before we got married.  I moved here in 2000 for Tony.

Tony:  We were roomies for a while…

Susan:  I love that everything (here) is convenient.  No worries about transportation.  Your library, your churches, Stop and Shop, your local dry cleaner is right here.

Tony: Everything is within reach.  From classy shows at the Bushnell to Monster Truck Rallies at the XL Center.  It covers the whole spectrum, whatever you want to do.

Tony:  We’re in our fifth year (at Tastease.)

Susan:  We opened June 8th 2004

Tony:  We started originally making really teeny donuts –and we were making the teeny-donuts in all different flavors, which no one else did.  We strived to be unique.  To change it up.  I wasn’t happy with the really little donuts so we went to the next size up.  I still didn’t want to get into –everybody wants bigger donuts and everybody wants to buy a hubcap… we don’t do that.  So we brought it to this size which I think is the perfect size donut.

Tony:  How do we like having a shop in Parkville?  It’s fine.  She knows everybody and everybody who comes in.

Susan:  We’ve made a lot of friends.  I love everybody on New Park Avenue because it’s like we’re a family.