The Tobacco Shop is one of the oldest premier Tobacconists in Connecticut. Stop in and you’ll find a veritable wonderland of tobacco products, foreign and domestic, as well as pipes and accessories. In addition to their extensive store, they offer membership to the DeLisle Lounge, the newest addition to The Tobacco Shop. The DeLisle Lounge offers clients a space to not only enjoy their fine tobaccos, but also to relax in a comfortable setting with other members. The DeLisle Lounge offers comfortable leather chairs and couches to relax in. They also offer free Wi-Fi for those who like to set up shop while away from the office. The wet bar offers glassware and refrigerated units to keep drinks or foods cold while you’re there. Two 50’’ large screen plasma TV’s, a chess board, and high top tables round out the the room. The DeLisle lounge is a private membership area where a member can bring in their own libations which they will also safely store for them. Guests of DeLisle Lounge members are also welcomed and also are encouraged to join. It’s very old school.

Photos lovingly borrowed from The Tobacco Shop.


89 Pratt Street
Hartford, CT 06103