This holiday season, take a cue from the wise and all knowing Emmet Otter. “When you meet somebody that don’t like soul food, they still got a soul. And it don’t mean that you ain’t got rhythm if you don’t like rock-n-roll. But if your taste’s like mine, you like cider not wine, and your very favorite thing to do is get a purty girl dancin’ to jug band music – and a mess of mama’s barbecue.” Are you singing it in your head? Good. Have no idea what this is in reference to? Here.

Emmet wouldn’t steer you wrong. Black-eyed Sally’s can set you up with their signature rib-rub, some finger-licking barbecue sauce, a sweet tee or a gift card that would cover a plate of deviled eggs, fried okra and pickle chips, fried green tomatoes, some spicy Louisiana gumbo, something called a “salad,” a fried oyster Po Boy, some St. Louis style ribs, BBQ beef brisket, pulled pork, blackened catfish, southern fried chicken, shrimp and grits, collard greens and cornbread with honey butter followed by a piece of bourbon pecan pie, key lime pie, or Mississippi mud pie.*

*Actual dinner is up to the receiver of your gift and depends entirely on how giving you’re feeling.