International Downtown Association Pinnacle Winner: Gettin’ Diggy With It: The Power of Non-Traditional Construction Signage; Hartford BID; Hartford, CT

Whenever a municipality decides to undertake a construction project, no matter the size, the public perception is often one of inconvenience and ugliness. In reality, despite the inconveniences they impart, construction projects are tied to progress with something being improved upon or something new being created. As best practice, the Hartford Business Improvement District (HBID) designs, prints, and provides non-traditional construction signage to aid local businesses affected by major construction projects, and to change public perception regarding these projects in the district. One example featured is “We like big trucks and we cannot lie.” While BIDs can never completely mitigate the effects that construction may have on local businesses nor change the public’s perception regarding major construction projects, HBID has shown that with the right signage in the right places, it is possible to generate tangible change in public perception, as well as support local businesses in a time of need.