Marilyn Risi, Upper Albany Main Street

I’m from New York. I moved to Hartford after I remarried. I have found Hartford to be a wonderful place. The city has great restaurants, fabulous arts and culture activities and it’s easy to get around.

More and more people are discovering Albany Avenue. If you are on the Avenue for lunch, try Scott’s Jamaican Bakery or the Backstage Café at the new Handel’s Performing Arts Center. Albany Avenue is a gateway to Downtown Hartford from the western suburbs. The development of the new Performing Arts Center is just the beginning. We now have the new YMCA fully under construction and a new Upper Albany Branch of the Hartford Public Library and an Albany Avenue streetscape project ready to go. These projects will attract people and new businesses to the Avenue. The streetscape project, with pedestrian amenities, trees, benches and decorative sidewalks, is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2009.