I was pretty embedded in the Jamaican art scene 31/2 years ago when I worked as a radio and TV host as well as a visual artist. There was always an event to attend on any night of the week. When I moved to Hartford in 2005 things were a bit different – I didn’t really know many people so the invitations weren’t flying in. However, I learned fairly quickly that there were a lot of cool events happening in the city – you just have to be curious enough – you know – open a paper – do some research. Now – I  really enjoy checking out all the event options Hartford has to offer. I always hear people commenting on how they wished Hartford were more like New York – well guess what – we are not and I wouldn’t want us to be. In New York – you can fall out of your apartment into an event but in Hartford you have to put a little elbow grease into it – find out what’s going on – use your noggin! I appreciate Hartford for teaching me how to do that – we go to events here because we truly want to be there not because we happen upon them. I think, in that way, we are more invested.

When friends visit from out of town, where do I take them?  Real Art Ways, the Mark Twain House, Hartford Stage, Wadsworth Atheneum, The Amistad, Taste of India in Windsor & of course Mohegan Sun.