Being a young professional who lives and works in Hartford is like being a kid in a candy store.  My eyes widen at the countless variety of restaurants, entertainment and nightlife options.  In the 5 years that I have lived in this city my love for it has only grown.  Where do I begin???  First off, Hartford’s size has always been one of my favorite qualities.   It’s not New York or Boston, nor does it try to be.  It’s a perfect-sized city in that it’s small enough for someone to make a name for themselves, while large enough to NEVER be bored.  There is always something to do in Hartford.  Some of my favorite events include the multiple jazz festivals, sporting events at the XL Center or catching a show at the Hartford Stage or The Bushnell.  But as someone who loves to eat, Hartford is all about its restaurants.

Personally, my favorite locale is Vaughan’s Public House.  It’s like my own personal Cheers!  I mean, where else can a young person born in Puerto Rico feel at home at an Irish pub?  Only in Hartford!  But the city is filled with great restaurants and bars that fulfill any craving.  Whether it’s sushi at Koji’s, Spanish food at El Comerio or soul food at the Rajun Cajun, the city has always kept my stomach filled.

Lastly, I cannot mention the greatness of this city without mentioning its diversity.  I love the fact that a city this size has such strong cultural influence from so many nations.  Not too many cities have that, but MY HARTFORD DOES!