The Connecticut Science Center is totally amazing. You can try to make a computer fart, play basketball against a robot AND give a dummy a concussion. Check out their website – it’s mega-super-extra-cool.

In the Sports Lab there’s an exhibit where you can choose a helmet, put it on a dummy’s head and whack the dummy in the head with a big mallet at high speed, giving your dummy a concussion – SO COOL.

There’s an exhibit where you can feed pretend food pucks to “Esther the Digester” and then watch what happens with each thing she digests. There is a disclaimer in the exhibit description stating that they hope she’s not real enough to develop gas. Please feed Esther nothing but bean and broccoli related foods to find out.

There’s a 3D theater in there and the trailer on the website will make you wish you had 3D glasses at your desk to watch it properly, which (unless you’re VERY into 3D movies) you probably do not.

Don’t bring a stroller the size of a Hummer. Pack lightly.

Photos lovingly borrowed from CT Science Center.