Local Creamery & Deli

← Restaurants Local Creamery & Deli Local Creamery & Deli is serving up choice cuts, killer homemade baklava, and the best ice cream this side of the Connecticut River. VISIT THEM 21 Asylum StreetHartford, CT Desktop

Han Hot Pot House

← Restaurants Han Hot Pot House Hotpot can seem overwhelming if you’ve never done it before but it’s really super simple: you get to choose your meat + veggies, make your own sauce, and then cook it all yourself at your table in a bubbling hot pot of broth. It’s hotpot y’all.  VISIT THEM 310 […]

El Mercado

← Restaurants El Mercado El Mercado is one of the best places in Hartford. The grocery store sells fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that can be hard to find outside of the Hartford area, and the restaurants, ohh the restaurants. There are Colombian, Peruvian, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Mexican food vendors at El Mercado that […]

Brazil Grill

← Restaurants Brazil Grill Brazil Grill is one of the best Brazilian restaurants in the state, and it will show you what real family-style churasso is meant to be. Their buffet is bonkers and all of their their freshly grilled meats are pulled straight out of the fire for you. Eat all the things and […]

King and I Thai

← Restaurants King & I Thai This tiny restaurant tucked inside the living room of a former house on Park Street is the perfect hidden gem, featuring some of the best Thai food anywhere in the region. Photos borrowed lovingly from King And I Thai. VISIT THEM 1901 Park StreetHartford, CT 06106 (860) 232-5471 Instagram […]

Social Republic

← Bars / Restaurants Social Republic Go eat super delicious gastro pub fare in their gorgeously decorated dining room with glittering chandeliers hanging from tin ceilings, exposed brick, and small dining nooks. Or sit on the (seasonally enclosed) patio. Breezy in the summer, central fireplace in the winter.  Photos borrowed lovingly from Social Republic. VISIT […]

Banh Meee

← Restaurants Banh Meee The pho is bangin’, and so is the bun bo hue, the mi ga, the bun thit nuong, the banh mi cha ga, the veggie banh mi, and all the milk tea. There are new crazy delicious specials all the time, so make sure to check their social for the inside […]

Story and Soil Coffee

← Restaurants Story And Soil Coffee shop, community hub, hipster paradise – Story and Soil covers all the bases. While you can definitely walk in and just order a cup of batch brewed joe and some avocado toast, their espresso drinks are where all the magic happens. Their rotating list of seasonal drink specials always […]

Kien Company Oriental Market

← Restaurants Kien Company Oriental Market Go for the mouth-watering Bahn Mi sandwiches, stay for all your Asian cooking needs. This small market doesn’t show any signs of of being a restaurant from the front, but if you walk in, and go all the way to the back there is a small kitchen serving traditional […]

Lion’s Den Vegetarian Restaurant

← Restaurants Lion’s Den Vegetarian You don’t have to be a vegetarian to LOVE the Lion’s Den. Traditional dishes like curried chunks, ital stew, and ackee with saltfish are local favorites. Be careful heading into the Lion’s Den, you might come out with a painfully full stomach. Photo borrowed lovingly from Lion’s Den Vegetarian. VISIT THEM […]