City Steam Brewery Cafe

CITY STEAM BREWERY City Steam Brewery Cafe was doing the craft brew thing before it was THE CRAFT BREW thing. They’re just as comfortable being a family friendly dinner spot before a Wolf Pack game as they are being a Pool Hall and Brewery for a drinking crowd after the game. And that’s not all […]


WOOD-N-TAP The Wood-n-Tap makes some of the very best pub around, like super yummy bar bites – little burgers topped with American cheese, pickles, and honey Dijon, MONSTER Nachos (please make monster noises when you order it), wings, and a bangin’ California Cobb Salad. Their Hickory Burger is a thing of beauty covered in bbq […]

Hartford Food Market

HARTFORD FOOD MARKET We’ll be real with you for a minute here, reader… We are actually obsessed with the pizza these angels are doling out. We can’t stop thinking about, dreaming about, or eating it. It’s the perfect New York slice in Hartford. BUT, aside from the perfection of a pizza these heroes are peddling, […]


SOULBAILA This place really does have it all. A stacked menu with options for everyone, weekly live music, drinks, BRUNCH. Ain’t no party like a SoulBaila party.  Photo lovingly borrowed from SoulBaila. 735 Wethersfield Avenue Hartford, CT 06114 (860) 461-0324 Facebook Instagram Desktop

Han Hot Pot

HAN RESTAURANT Hotpot can seem overwhelming if you’ve never done it before but it’s really super simple: you get to choose your meat + veggies, make your own sauce, and then cook it all yourself at your table in a bubbling hot pot of broth. It’s hotpot y’all.  310 Prospect Avenue Hartford, CT (860) 216-5726 […]

El Poeta De Los Sandwiches

EL POETA DE LOS SANDWICHES How can you not love anyplace with a name like this? The Tripleta (pictured) is one of the most ridiculously delicious sandwiches ever created, and it is gigantic. They make everything from scratch, so it’s more fast casual than fast food. Call ahead and order if you’re running short on […]

Republic at The Linden

REPUBLIC AT THE LINDEN Go eat super delicious gastro pub fare in their gorgeously decorated dining room with glittering chandeliers hanging from tin ceilings, exposed brick, and small dining nooks. Or sit on the (seasonally enclosed) patio. Breezy in the summer, central fireplace in the winter.  Photos borrowed lovingly from Republic. 10 Capitol Avenue Hartford, […]

Jerk Pit Café

JERK PIT CAFÉ Are you ready for the jerk experience of a lifetime? Head down Main Street until you see the pillar of billowing smoke. This is the glorious Jerk Pit Café, where meats come to be jerked and mouths come to be pleased. Make sure you get your jerk of choice with sides like their […]

Destiny Awaits Restaurant

DESTINY AWAITS Destiny Awaits Restaurant & Jerk Center is a great little take-out spot. The jerk chicken, jerk pork, pigtail stew peas, curry goat, pepper steak, and oxtail stew are all on point. And they serve breakfast. Sometimes.   3343 Main Street Hartford, CT (860) 856-1136 Facebook Desktop

Dunn’s River Restaurant

DUNN’S RIVER RESTAURANT From the mural of natural scenery on the wall, to the wooden placemats on the tables, nowhere in Hartford gives off the ambiance of an island quite like Dunn’s. Their offerings span the menu of Jamaican cuisine, from ackee to oxtail, and there’s nary a miss in sight. Wash everything down with imported Jamaican […]