Max Deli

MAX DELI There’s nothing like a fat sandwich to cure your midweek workday blues, and Max Deli has it all. Serving up fresh cold cuts, hot sandwiches, soups, salads, and even beef patties. Big yum! Photo lovingly borrowed from Wesley Y. on Yelp. 92 Weston Street Hartford, CT 06120 (860) 503-3772 Desktop Instagram Facebook

Sole Nutrition

SOLE NUTRITION Sole Nutrition has a rotating seasonal menu of shakes that’ll perk you up, muffins, snacks, protein coffees, and energy teas. Look for peach, raspberry, cinnamon, cherry, cookie dough, Oreo, chai, and cranberry, oatmeal cookie, orange, peach, bit-o-honey, and South Beach, Mudslide, Twix bar, Keylime pie, Fruity Pebbles, dirty Chai.  76 Union Place Hartford, […]

Hartford Food Market

HARTFORD FOOD MARKET We’ll be real with you for a minute here, reader… We are actually obsessed with the pizza these angels are doling out. We can’t stop thinking about, dreaming about, or eating it. It’s the perfect New York slice in Hartford. BUT, aside from the perfection of a pizza these heroes are peddling, […]

Modern Pastry Shop

MODERN PASTRY SHOP The amazing cakes these folks make could have their own TV show. They don’t just make cakes though. There are loads of traditional Italian pastries to stuff in your face, and you can do it sitting at an old-school soda fountain counter with the BEST cappuccino in your hand.   Photo borrowed lovingly […]

Tastease Mini Donuts

TASTEASE This tiny Parkville Bakery is one of Hartford’s best and worst kept secrets. If you’ve visited even once, you have already become fanatical and told everyone who will listen to them about this unbelievable place you just found and their amazing 2 1/2″ mini donuts. If you haven’t been, you have no idea that […]

Story and Soil Coffee

STORY AND SOIL Coffee shop, community hub, hipster paradise – Story and Soil covers all the bases. While you can definitely walk in and just order a cup of batch brewed joe and some avocado toast, their espresso drinks are where all the magic happens. Their rotating list of seasonal drink specials always offers up […]


STARBUCKS The Hartford Starbucks’ (Starbucks-es?) are great. They’er usually lightening fast, they’ll make your drink correctly, and spell your name right. Most of the time. Four locations, for all of your venti-caffeination needs. Photos lovingly borrowed from Starbucks.  85 Seymour Street Hartford, CT (860) 996-4644 Hartford Marriott Downtown 200 Columbus Boulevard Hartford, CT (860) 249-8000 […]


ASHLEY’S Q: Where can I get breakfast at lunchtime in Hartford? A: Ashley’s. Eggs, toast, bacon, omelettes, all things breakfast-y. Photo lovingly borrowed from Jeffery C. 221 Main Street Hartford, CT 06106 (860) 247-8730 Facebook

Tisane Euro-Asian Café

TISANE EURO-ASIAN CAFÉ Tisane is a tea house, coffee house, martini bar, regular bar, dance club, and restaurant in the West End. Some people consider it their own version of Cheers, but cocktail-centric, with a much cooler and more handsome Norm. Closer to the weekend you get Karoke, great DJs and dancing. Bonus points for […]

Panera Bread

PANERA BREAD Panera Bread is knows for its sandwiches, pastries, wraps, and coffee, and maybe even the Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad or the Pesto Sacchettini Pasta. But there are probably a couple of you out there who don’t know that their mac-n-cheese is ridiculously good, or that they have next-level hot chocolate served with […]