Shopping for the drama queens and players in your life can be difficult, and not just because it’s hard to fit a theatrical production in a box, even a really BIG one. We suggest purchasing the following, instead.

The Bushnell could not make this any easier. You DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PICK A SHOW. Let the lucky recipient make the tough decisions between the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Camelot, Kinky Boots or David Sedaris (!). Purchase a gift certificate to the Bushnell in person or online from the office, or from your couch while wearing yoga pants.

Tickets to Explorers & Adventurers on March 13 or a two show subscription package including that and “A Conversation with David McCullough & Stacy Schiff” on May 9 make excellent gifts. But if you really, really, really like us/them/yourself you may want to consider one the following packages, which are worth every dollar.

The “Fan Package”
The Fan Package includes a ticket to the forum of your choice, an opportunity to observe pre-Forum soundcheck with the panelists and a photograph with the panelist of your choice.

The “Super Fan Package” 
The Super Fan Package includes a Front Orchestra theater ticket to the forum of your choice, a cocktail reception and dinner with the panelists, a photograph with the panelist of your choice AND an item autographed by the panelist of your choice


Private Lives, January 8 – February 8
Reverberation, February 19 – March 15
The Pianist of Willesden Lane, March 26 – April 26
Kiss Me, Kate, May 14 – June 14
Hartford Stage also offers a mini-subscription, starting at $99, which is a nice way to say “I like you more than one play, but not more than three plays.”

TheaterWorks offers three subscription levels, which makes it easy to pick one. Just decide if you more or less than medium like the recipient and work from there. The current production, Christmas on The Rocks is lolarious, and you should finish shopping right now and go see it.
Plays remaining for this season are:
Dancing Lessons, January 23 – March 1
Playing the Assassin, March 20 – April 26
Good People, May 22 – June 28
I’ll Eat You Last, July 17 – August 23