Everything at Tangiers is perfect. The family that runs this place are the most lovely (both personally and visually) people you’ll ever meet. The prepared foods are the finest of their kind in all the land; the falafel, the gyros, the tabouli, the hummus, the stuffed grape leaves, the baklava – oh dear sweet honey goodness – the baklava; all perfect. The market carries olive oil from Lebanon, halva from Israel, feta cheese from Greece, dates from Jordan, sausage from Turkey, crackers from Armenia, spices from India, spreads from Macedonia, cheese from Bulgaria, and Couscous from Egypt.

People say things like “That gyro was off the hook,” “The pita was magical,” and “the beef, oh the beef, was so tasty, thin and lean.” Ok – that was all the same person (Kara S. via Yelp). 

Photos borrowed lovingly from Tangiers.


550 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105