As a band, Forward Motion is very proud to say that we are based out of Hartford. The band was formed here a few years ago while 2 of us attended the Hartt School of Music (University of Hartford) and our friendships within the great community of musicians that live here have kept us here ever since. The Hartford music scene is rapidly growing thanks to the hard work of many local bands as well as many supportive venue owners/managers and music fans that believe in the bringing more live music to the city. We are definitely fortunate to be a part of this growth and have the support of such great people. We hope that as the scene grows, we can give back to all of the people who helped us start here by proudly announcing our hometown of Hartford in every state that we play!

Our hometown venue is Black-eyed Sally’s on Asylum Street downtown. Sally’s has a great atmosphere, great people, great food and great music every week. We love playing shows there.If you would like to check us out and listen to our music,visit www.forwardmotionmusic.com or find us on Facebook,YouTubeTwitter and everything else that consumes us there!