Hartford Prints! is pretty much Santa’s Workshop. Every item in the unbelievably adorable store was handmade or hand-picked by the three-and-only Gale Sisters. This is that mythical place you always hope to stumble into with a giant scroll of a shopping list. They have beautiful prints for the art connoisseur, soft hoodies and tee shirts emblazoned with Hartford centric artwork and typography for your loca-file friends, drinkware, mugs and flasks for your buddies, tons of locally made products from body scrubs and the best chapstick on the planet to pomades to moustache wax. And you can purchase their signature letter press cards, some wrapping paper and paper ribbon all in the same place. See? Perfect.

Stegosaurus Art Print: Keep a piece of Hartford with you, no matter where you call home. Originally commissioned as a limited edition for the Greater Hartford Arts Council, the Hartford Prints! Stegosaurus print proudly showcases two of Hartford’s most notable landmarks- the “Blue Onion” dome of the Colt Building, and Alexander Calder’s Stegosaurus sculpture.

Small State, Great Beer Pint Glasses: Get your buzz on while you commit the silhouette of the state of Connecticut to memory. Jimmy Kimmel will NEVER fool you.

Small State, Big Heart Tee: If you love Connecticut and wear tee shirts sometimes, this shirt is for you. Or for your friends. Or for your brother. Or your toddler. Or your mom. The fine knit jersey blend shirt comes in mens and womens sizes in red, blue and grey. It is also available for kids – you can even get a onesie. ADORBS.

Christmas in Connecticut Postcard: Send tidings of comfort and joy to loved ones near and far with a Christmas in Connecticut postcard. This pretty, graphic card lists some of the best yuletide activities that the Nutmeg State has to offer — the Essex Steam Train and The Nutcracker, among others. Plus, who doesn’t love a postcard?

The Land of Steady Habits Flask is the perfect gift for the person of steady drinking habits in your life. But you know – reasonably steady. Not drunk-uncle steady. Unless you really love your drunk uncle, in which case, you can check him off your list.

Let’s not forget the letterpress. There is no better place to buy a card for a paperphile. You also have the benefit of a card that screams “I DIDN”T BUY THIS AT A DRUG STORE!”

View these and other custom cards from Hartford Prints! online.

Hartford Prints
42 1/2 Pratt Street
Hartford, CT