Oct 20 2023


9:30 pm


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Vampire Doll

Cinestudio presents Vampire Doll as part of their Cinestudio Fright Nights series.

Cinestudio’s Fright Night invites you to enter the world of Japan’s Toho Studios. We’re not talking about their legitimate masterpieces (Seven Samurai, Ikiru, or even Gojira (aka Godzilla). For true thrills, Vampire Doll is the perfect jumping off place. The first of a trilogy about blood-sucking dwellers of the dark would inspire a new generation of horror, from Ju-On: The Grudge to Audition and Ringu. Vampire Doll begins when a young man goes missing after visiting his girlfriend’s isolated country home. His sister and her boyfriend trace him to the creepy mansion, but their curiosity turns to pure terror when they uncover a macabre family history. Best of all is the intense performance of Kayo Matsuo as the Doll, whose may just have a good reason for her unquenchable lust for blood We cannot guarantee that nightmares will not trouble your sleep.





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