Jul 26 2023


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm



Social Justice Reading Circle

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was not read in isolation, but by a community of readers, across the U.S. and globally, who affirmed their anti-slavery sentiments in conversation and in some instances committed to action toward emancipation. The Social Justice Reading Circle invites participants to build a community through in-depth readings of the 2023 Stowe Prize shortlist, including the 2023 winning book, and, in the spirit of the Stowe Prize, to connect each work to a tangible path to address contemporary injustices.

Through weekly one-hour sessions, participants will focus intently on short sections of each text. Book club conversations will be facilitated by Stowe Center staff members, who will pose guiding questions and fully participate as members of the reading community. In addition to drawing out connections between each book’s themes, content, and prescriptions and each participant’s personal, cultural, and other community experiences, our reading circle will also include prompts and action ideas. We believe that reading builds empathy and understanding about the complex issues we face in our nation; it is our hope that audiences will be inspired to positive change through these readings, and help to build a sustainable path toward social justice.


Harriet Beecher Stowe Center
77 Forest Street, Hartford, CT, USA

Location 2

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