Jun 03 2023


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm



Prenatal Yoga + Pelvic Health

Join Dr. Cailyn McDonnell, pelvic floor physical therapist + Kate Feiner, prenatal yoga teacher in this two hour workshop focusing on prenatal yoga and pelvic health.

This workshop is for anyone interested in the perinatal population (pre-pregnancy, pregnant or postpartum) and are curious about the pelvic floor and its function during pregnancy, labor and into the postpartum period. Those who are dreaming and thinking about, as well as those who are currently experiencing an active pregnancy journey – all are welcome!

This 2 hour workshop dives into anatomy, physiology and functions of the pelvic floor as it relates to the body during such a dynamic time in your life. In this workshop you will discover:

  • The musculoskeletal changes that happen in pregnancy

  • The role of the pelvic floor in labor and delivery

  • Relationship between the pelvic floor and diaphragm

  • Changes that can happen in the postpartum body

  • Birth related pelvic floor dysfunction/trauma such as diastasis recti, perineal tears, c-section scarring, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence and pain with sex

  • The role that physical therapy can play during pregnancy and postpartum

This workshop will include both a lecture portion and a mindful movement portion. Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.


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