Apr 13 2023


7:00 pm


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Of An Age

Of An Age (99min, R) 2022 Australia Goran Stolevski, director.

Out Film CT Queer Thursdays and Cinestudio present a swoon-worthy love story set in a suburb north of Melbourne on the eve of the year 2000. Things are in crisis mode for Kol (Elias Anton): it’s the day of the local dance competition, and his partner (Hattie Hook) wakes up on the beach after a bender, not knowing where she is. Her brother Adam, on his last day at home before heading to Argentina for graduate study, tracks her down and drives the nervous duo to the contest in time. Over the 24 hours that they spend together, Kol is drawn to the casually out-and-proud Adam, who is equally captivated by the shy, still-innocent Kol. It’s a brief encounter for sure, but one with the potential of transforming their lives. “A profoundly moving film about the beauty and the horror of what it means to be seen for the first time, to love for the first time.” Katie Walsh, Los Angeles Times.


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