Mar 16 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Le Cercle Rouge

April In Paris French and Francophone Film Festival Presents Le Cercle Rouge (140min, NR) 1970 France Jean-Pierre Melville, director.

This influential New Wave gangster classic is a cool-headed tribute to American film noir. When Casey (Delon) escapes from prison in Marseille, he learns how to pull off a high-stakes jewelry theft in Paris. At first alone in his quest, Fate brings together two other partners: Volonte as a fellow prisoner, and Montand as a nightclub owner. While the diamonds may be within reach, they must still battle the police and the vengeance of the mob. Though their conversations are few and options limited, the three friends find satisfaction in following their code of honor to the end. “I will never forget the emotional depths of Alain [Delon]’s blue eyes. One could see not only his exterior but his interior, his emotions and his past . . .” director John Woo.


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