Mar 30 2023


6:00 pm


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A Rite Of Passage: Gallery Talk

Bae’s painting installation explores societal barriers and personal relationships, touching on themes of hope, inclusion, uncertainty, and love. Her latest project, A Rite of Passage, started with the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, during which time Bae experienced physical assaults and psychological violence living in New York City. COVID-19 exposed many ugly facets of our society – notably pervasive bias-related violence against perceived minorities in the United States. The shift in social and power dynamics deeply impacted Bae’s way of life. As an Asian woman and an immigrant from South Korea, Bae was regularly targeted and treated with hostility because of her identity. While still fearful and grieving the loss of many loved ones, here Bae offers an inclusive space for hope and for processing uncertainty.

Her foldable paintings invite the audience to walk through the “passage” between them. For Bae, the installation is a metaphor for small movements, transformative journeys, forms of acceptance, life, death – even experiences of stagnation and depression. Bae’s work turns toward hope by embracing uncertainties with love.


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