As an artist aiming for the big leagues of New York, I thought to come to Hartford first to live the urban life without the crammed living space of astronomical cost. It’s been a good time for me here. I’ve been able to maintain a sizable studio allowing me great freedom to make my paintings. Along with this there is the Wadsworth, Real Art Ways, the school I graduated from Hartford Art School, Art Space, all places that can help an artist learn and network.

Aside from the art aspect I must say that Hartford just might have the best food in all of New England. It is very diverse with very upscale restaurants all the way down to little specialty places like burger joints or Greek delis.

Dish Restaurant is in the old Sage Allen building. The G Fox building is still in use and many others, like the Capitol, the old Statehouse. Then there are these really cool modern buildings like the Gold building or the boat building.  I very much appreciate the historical aspect of Hartford as well. Many of the great places you find in Hartford are housed in these very elegant, very well crafted, historical buildings.

The infrastructure is here, it is grand and I was given a chance to be a part of it.  The Awesomest Art Thing Ever, a project that filled empty storefronts with art, has given me, an artist, the opportunity to make my most cutting edge work to date, while breathing new life into the downtown landscape.  The embracing of permanent and semi-permanent artworks is a great step in creating new culture.

HARTFORD.COM NOTE: Ethan Boisvert was one of 9 artists selected to create temporary art installations for The Awesomest Art Thing Ever.