Making plans for Valentine’s Day can be VERY stressful. Relax. We’re here to help. Take a deep breath (or two), and decide which category your date fits into and plan accordingly.

You can win if you don’t pay. 
Spritus Wine Tasting
Host a poetry reading for two at the Hartford Public Library.

You love eating out.
Couples Cooking Class
Alton Brown: Edible Inevitable Tour
Something sweet at Salute

Mo money, mo romance.
Love & Laughter: John Legend
Marriott Hartford’s Romance Package (add dinner at VIVO & the Prossage couples massage)
Dinner at ON20, if you can get a reservation

For those of you that are totally in like.
First & Last, then Mozzicato’s
Casablanca at Cinestudio
Kerri Powers & The Meadows Brothers

Two ways to lose your lover.
Northeast Fishing & Hunting Show
84th & 85th Annual Dog Show & Obedience Trials

For the love of the lover of the game.
Watch Field of Dreams or The Natural
Get takeout from East Coast Dog
Watch this.
Proceed directly to second base.

Oedipus complex? There’s a date for that. 
Freud’s Last Session at TheaterWorks
Nothing says “I’m with my mom” like learning about scrapbooking.

For your funny Valentine
Sea Tea Improv at Billings Forge
City Steam’s Brew HaHa Comedy Club
Tell at least 50 jokes.

Dates that make you go hmm…
Vagina Monologues
Heartbreaker Jam
That Awkward Moment at Spotlight

Your first date started at last call. 
Call a cab, go to the Spigot. Order the drinks you love. Repeat.
Plan a two person pub crawl. It’ll end well.