Parkville Market is officially open for take out! So we, the good people of, have done our due diligence and assumed our role as Quality Assurer of All Delicious Things. We bring you the ultimate guide to Parkville Market. 

TL;DR Go now. Eat everything. 

Bombay Express

Up first is Bombay Express. Pakoras, samosas, hand-wrapped Nepali dumplings- oh my! These kitchen wizards are known for their number one Nepali dish: Momo. Our tastebuds are still moonwalking with excitement from this vegetable combo box with chana masala. Bombay Express is second to naan.

Brazilian Gula Grill

You already know when we saw fried plantains and yuca fries on the menu at Brazilian Gula Grill we just HAD to have it. They did not disappoint. BGG has 20 years (Yep, count ’em!) of experience slinging Brazilian favorites like Picanha (top sirloin cap), Feijoada (black beans stew) and Coxinhas (Brazilian chicken croquettes). Wash it all down with the most refreshing guava juice in all the land.


What is a Chomper you ask? It’s a deep fried ball of happiness made up of various meats and cheese and fried to crispy perfection. Big yum. As one of Connecticut’s most popular food trucks, Chompers is  finally laying down some roots to expand on a wider menu. How many Chompers is too many Chompers? 5? 50? 200? The limit does not exist.

Disco Forno Pizza Napoletano

Another food truck classic turned brick and mortar. Disco Forno is serving up fresh Neapolitan style pizza and Italian dessert staples. Um. HELLO, look at that pie. House made pesto, fior di latte, cherry tomatoes, and roasted eggplant. Perfect crust, perfect toppings, perfect pie. We love you to pizzas, Disco Forno. 


Mofongo was voted best Puerto Rican food in Connecticut and we’re not even surprised. This writer is pretty sure their spirit left their body the minute this Pork Mofongo touched their lips. Serving up traditional Puerto Rican and American cuisines, Mofongo is known for, well, Mofongo. Deep-fried green plantains mashed together with other ingredients such as pork, seafood, or the elixir of eternal youth.

Portly Pig

The Portly Pig is here to shake up the Hartford barbecue scene with a “New England twist on a beloved style of cooking.” They offer barbecue staples like ribs, smoked meatlof, and 14 hour smoked pork shoulder combined with American fusion cuisine. Just LOOK at those ribs.

Lucky Taco

Jerk. Chicken. Tacos. Need we say more? Well, we will because Lucky Taco REALLY hits the spot. The Manchester Cantina and tap room joins the line-up at Parkville Market to bring you Tex Mex comfort food to warm your belly and put fire in your soul.

Que Chivo

A Central American slang word meaning “So cool”, Que Chivo, is bringing that exact atmosphere to its new home at Parkville Market. Traditional Salvadorian pupusas and tamales, as well as a full Salvadorian breakfast. Using fresh and authentic ingredients, the culture and heart of El Salvador is brought to life at Que Chivo. Stay cool.

J's Crab Shack

Hartford staple J’s Crab Shack is here to fulfill all your seafood needs. Fish and chips? Check. Clam strips? Check. LOBSTER TOTS? Check! How many is too many? The limit does not exist.

Crave Leche

After you’re filled to the brim with delicious food, there’s always room for dessert. Crave Leche is here to serve your sweet tooth. Classic italian ice, ice cream, and fried sweets galore. You deserve it.

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