Ew + Awesome = the Corpse Preserver at CHS. Not only is it creepy as hell all on its very own, it’s insulated with horse hair. And now you can go see it as part of CHS’s new behind-the-scenes tour.

Here’s how it works: Corpse preserver consisting of a two-piece black walnut case insulated with horsehair. The body was laid in the lower half of the case; the top half was then attached, and its galvanized iron tray was filled with ice, resulting in the cooling of the body to preserve it during the mourning period.

Two pipes extending through the back end of the case allow for the draining of melt water. The top deck has two hinged access panels for the loading of ice; the forward panel further has a hinged oval portal to allow viewing of the face of the deceased through the glass (double eew).