The American Outlaws, Hartford Chapter


No city loves their sports team in Connecticut like Hartford does!While we still dream of the return of the NHL, local soccer fans enjoy the highest levels of soccer at Rentschler Field during the summer.Hartford is a great sports city and our best day’s are ahead of us! While Hartford no longer has a professional sports team, we can say we have a professional sports supporter’s organization. The Hartford Chapter of The American Outlaws, founded by Mike Lawlor and myself, has over 60 paying members and callsDamon’s Tavern (310 Prospect St. in Hartford) our Supporter Bar.

Shawn Simao, Co-Founder, American Outlaws, Hartford Chapter


I think Hartford brings a lot of people together under one banner. Despite cheering for different countries or clubs, they still support the same sport.  I usually go out downtown. Vaughan’s is one of my favorite bars. Since Damon’s is the new sponsor of the Hartford American Outlaws Chapter, we’ve been bringing him a lot of our business.  They’ve very open and welcoming. Great staff. Great atmosphere.
Michael Lawlor, Chapter President

I love my mug at City Steam. It’s got the US Soccer Sticker on it. That’s how you know it’s mine.  I love Riverfront Recapture’s parks, especially Riverfront Park for Pipes in the Valley. And I love meeting up with the Outlaws for some games and some beers.
Micah Kerr, Just Some Guy

I really like the skate scene in Hartford. From the national media’s perspective, it may be under rated, but it’s very understood her e by our own Hartford locals. I love that Rentschler Field is getting more of the US National teams and being more involved in getting soccer into CT on the professional level.
Luke Pawlak, Head Bandana Wearer

I’ve played soccer for my entire life. I just joined the Outlaws, and I appreciate the fact that all these people in Hartford who don’t play the sport, support and appreciate soccer. The warmth of all these new people – it’s pretty sweet.  I love Tangiers (Hartford.com note – although technically in WH, we claim them in the name of Hartford). Their food is great, but their appreciation for the customers coming through the door is amazing.  The St. Patty’s Day Parade is awesome.  I’ve been going since I turned 21.  I’m Irish, and it’s a blast.
Katie Cogan         

The only American Outlaws chapter Connecticut has is in Hartford.  It’s gone from 20 members to 60 in just a matter of months. The word spread so quick. Hartford is die hard. If you saw any coverage of the US v. Czech game on ESPN, you’d see that Hartford fans are some of the loudest, and won’t stop screaming until that 90th minute ticks over. Win or lose – we always support our boys.
Brian Brown

Whether entering a soccer stadium in East Hartford Connecticut or Johannesburg South Africa, The American Outlaws command a presence. With American-flag bandannas over their faces, this group of soccer supporters for the United States Men’s National Team is beginning to get national media coverage as indicated by their recent ESPN the Magazine article.  With a country as big as the United States, organization is a critical aspect to creating a unified culture of soccer fans.  The more the fan base is unified, the greater the fan presence, the more intimidating the atmosphere, which finally leads to better results on the field.  This is the goal of American Outlaws.