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Because this poll is as absurd as a shirtless Mark Twain, introducing The Rest of Hartford poll. Beginning Monday, February 29 (because leap year) we’ll be presenting a new category every day for 14 days on the Hartford.com Facebook page for you to vote on and argue over.

Here’s the catch. Unlike other Best Ofs the winners will not be the businesses that receive the most votes. The winners will be those of you who give us your most unique, most totally awesome answer in the comment section on each Facebook post. We’ll declare a winner every day right here (for the ultimate prize of Bragging Rights) and then at the end of the two weeks we’ll pick the two best overall answers and hand out $50 downtown dining gift cards.

Official Contest Rules:
1. Don’t talk about Fight Club.
2. Don’t hate. Negative comments will be removed post haste.
3. Be funny. Or as funny as you can be.
4. Brevity is the soul of wit.
5. Everybody wins…mostly. Yes, there are gift cards to be had but if we had money for participation trophies you’d all get one.
6. All winning answers are chosen purely based on the opinions of the Hartford.com staff. Not even going to pretend it’s anything else.

For anyone who wants to play along but doesn’t have Facebook, feel free to email your answers to restofhartfordpoll@hartford.com.


February 29 – Best Condiment
Winning Answer: Mic Canyon Medeska said Sriracha, which we could totally get behind. But then he high-fived himself in the post which we liked even better.

March 1 – Best Pickles
Winning Answer: Kyle Medeska said, “I’m pretty sure you just whined about it and paid them the $2. Either way those Pickles are delicious, can’t wait for jazz in the park this summer!” in response to another comment. That response was as sassy as we like our pickles.

March 2 – Best Smelling Hand Soap in a Public Restroom
Winning Answer: Conor Geary, who wrote a poem about the hand soap at Little River Restoratives, and managed to squeeze in a quote from a Seal song as well.

March 3 – Coldest Ice
Winning Answer: Nick Addamo said that the Winterfest ice rink was the Coldest Ice around. Genius.

March 4 – Best Place For Open Mic When There is no Open Mic
Winning Answer: Mic Canyon Medeska said Heaven Skate Park and we thought that was not only unique but a well-thought out answer.

March 7 – Best Gluten
Winning Answer: Cheryl Stephenson said, “Scotts’ Jamaican Bakery has beef patty AND coco bread. And you can put one inside the other. Gluten in gluten.” Gluten inside of gluten for the win.

March 8 – Best Tree
Winning Answer: Kyle Medeska said the “tree” pose she strikes while doing yoga in the park. “A” for originality.

March 9 – Two Restaurants Most Likely To Get Married
Winning Answer: Conor Geary wins for using the hashtag: #IfYouLikeItThenYoullHaveToPutAnOnionRingOnIt

March 10 – Best Street Corner To Announce Any Impending Apocalypse
Winning Answer: Anne Cubberly said, “Pearl and Main would be my favorite. Any corner. I think that intersection could use some humor.” We agree.

March 11 – Most Restaurant
Winning Answer: Andie Lynn for making her answer St. Patrick’s Day themed and calling Vaughan’s the top “Rest O’Rant”