Bushnell Park
Bushnell Park, Hartford, CT 06103
“An opening in the heart of the city… a place where children play… a place for holiday scenes and celebrations… a place of life and motion that will make us more completely conscious of being one people.” – The Rev. Horace Bushnell,1853.

Mortensen Riverfront Plaza
Riverfront Plaza, Hartford, CT 06106

Elizabeth Park
Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT 06105

Notable Trees of the Institute
200 Retreat Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106
Fredrick Law Olmstead designed the grounds at the Institute. He also designed Central Park. “Within a relatively small space, perhaps the greatest concentration of historic trees in Connecticut.” – Ed Richardson, Connecticut Botanical Society.

Riverside Park
Riverside Park, Hartford, CT 06120

Charter Oak Landing
Address: Charter Oak Landing, Hartford, CT 06106

Colt Park
Colt Park, Hartford, CT 06103

Goodwin Park
Goodwin Park, Hartford, CT 06114

Keney Park
Keney Park, Hartford, CT 06112
You can picnic, hike, play golf, play cricket, or just plain play…

Pope Park
Address: Pope Park, Hartford, CT 06106