Living in Hartford is HIP. The Homeownership Incentive Program (HIP) provides financial incentives to employees of participating corporations who choose to purchase a home in Hartford. By living close to work, employees save commute time and gas and improve the environment while enjoying easy access to the many benefits the region’s center has to offer – world-class museums, entertainment, top-notch restaurants, and more.

What is the financial incentive?
Each participating corporation offers a $10,000 forgivable grant to a qualified homebuyer who chooses to purchase a home in the City of Hartford. The employer has the option of limiting the grant to homes purchases in targeted neighborhoods or city-wide.

Who is eligible?
To qualify for one of the forgivable grants, you must:

Be employed full-time for at least one year at the time of application;
Be an employee in “good standing” [as defined by each participating corporation];
Be pre-approved by a mortgage lender of your choice;
Agree to purchase a home in Hartford; and
Agree to live in the home for at least five years.
How do I get more information about living in Hartford?
Information on living in Hartford is available through LiveHartford.org. In addition, periodic Open House Hartford tours of city neighborhoods and homes are conducted by knowledgeable guides. These tours highlight Hartford’s history, architecture, and amenities, as well as offer insights into day-to-day living here in the city. Walking tours of specific neighborhoods are also offered, and these tours will occasionally include visits inside distinctive homes and landmarks in the area. Holiday tours of Hartford homes are also planned. [/span7]


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