For all the die-hard Tinker’s fans, don’t worry – the only thing that’s changed is the name.

The clam strips. Oh, the clam strips… And the shrimp. And the scallops.  And the fish and chips. And the whole belly clams. And the calamari. And the lobster tails… Inexpensive and fresh as hell. There’s no way to be sure exactly what they do differently that makes J’s fried everything so much better than nearly everyone else’s fried anything. Most likely a Robert Johnson style pact with the devil.

Their Linguini with White Clam Sauce could easily replace the fried as Awesomest Thing Ever, and very well may some day. The portion is gigantic, and you’ve never seen a better clam to pasta ratio. It could feed two VERY hungry people, or four moderately hungry people. For reals. Truly, words cannot begin to describe how good it is. Go there. Order it. Eat until you are in physical pain. If possible, smuggle in a loaf of crusty bread so you aren’t as tempted to pick up the bowl and drink the sauce.

J’s Crab Shack (Formerly Tinker’s Seafood Restaurant and Fish Market)
2074 Park Street, Hartford CT 06106