If you started writing down all the reasons that Firebox is the one of the best restaurants ever,  you would start with Farm to Table and you would be typing or writing until your hands fell off.  Farm to Table is the core of Firebox’s philosophy. Eating locally means eating seasonally, so the menu is constantly changing. Local seafood (if you EVER see fluke on the menu or hear that it’s one of the specials, get it. You won’t be sorry) means constantly superior flavor and quality.

This is fine dining in a beautiful, relaxed setting.

It would be hard to list any specific recommendations since the menu is ever changing, but the kitchen makes some of the best braised greens available anywhere, the oysters are local and always spectacular, the Charcuterie is house made and amazing. OH! The scallops! Dear sweet heavenly god of seafood…

Actually – you know what? Although there’s no guarantee that these items will be on the menu when you go, here they are:
NEW YORK STRIP with red flannel hash, sauteed spinach, roasted bone marrow, truffle butter
CAST IRON DUCK with chick pea gnocchi, roasted oyster mushroom, arugula, parmesan
STONINGTON SEA SCALLOPS with garlic braised kale, celery root, confit potato, pancetta, mussel chowder, fingerling chips
FARROTTO parsnip puree, brussels sprouts leaves, braised fennel, beltane farm goat cheese, crispy shallots

Firebox Restaurant at Billings Forge
539 Broad Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106