Below is a list of restaurants offering takeout or delivery during this time. Hartford Parking Authority has also suspended pay-to-park in metered spaces directly in front of restaurants for those picking up food. 

As everything is changing rapidly, the details of this list might change. Please keep in mind some establishments are operating on limited hours or might close temporarily to restock supplies and give staff a break. 

Last updated: June 5, 2020. Don’t see your restaurant? Submit here.


Abrantes Bakery & Pastry Shop – Call NowWebsite

Adolf’s Meat & Sausage – Call NowWebsite 

Agave Grill – Call NowWebsiteGrubhubWaiterWheelsDineInCT

Aladdin Halal – Call NowWebsite

Allegro Cafe – Call NowWebsite

Artichoke Basille’s – Call NowWebsiteGrubhubUberEatsDoorDash

Ashley’s – Call NowGrubhub

A1 Pizza – Call NowWebsiteGrubhub

Broasterant – Call NowWebsiteGrubhub 

Bear’s Smokehouse – Call NowWebsiteDoorDashDineInCT

Blind Pig Pizza – Call NowWebsiteDoorDashUberEatsDineInCTToast

Capital Grille – Call Now •  Website

Cornerstone Deli – Call NowDoorDash

Coyote Flaco – Call NowWebsiteGrubHubUberEats

Dhaba Wala Indian Kitchen – Call NowWebsite 

Donde Julio Restaurant – Call NowWebsiteGrubhubUberEats

Dunn’s River Restaurant – Call NowGrubhubDoorDash 

El Nuevo Sarape – Call NowWebsiteUber EatsDoorDash

Fire N Spice – Call NowWebsiteGrubhubUberEats

Fornarelli’s – Call NowWebsiteGrubhubDoorDash 

First & Last Tavern – Call NowWebsite

Franklin Giant Grinder – Call NowWebsite 

Freshii – Call NowWebsiteGrubhub

Ginza Express – Call NowWebsite

Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant – Call NowWebsitePostmates 

Hartford Fried Chicken – Call NowWebsiteToast

Hot Pots – Call NowGrubhub

Ichiban – Call NowWebsiteGrubhub 

Jerk Pit – Call NowWebsiteGrubhub

J’s Crab Shack – Call NowGrubhubDoorDash

J Restaurant Bar – Call NowWebsite

Juiced Up Juice Bar – Call NowGrubHubUberEatsDoorDashPostmates

King & I Thai – Call Now WebsiteGrubHubDoorDash

La Casita Del Sabor – Call Now •  DoorDashUberEats

Le Petit Chef – Call NowWebsite

Lion’s Den Vegetarian – Call NowWebsite 

Mo’s Midtown – Call NowWebsite

New York Chicken & Biscuit – Call NowWebsite

Parrilla y Sabores – Call Now • Grubhub • DoorDashUberEats

Peppercorn’s Grill – Call NowWebsiteDoorDashUberEatsDineInCT 

Pietro’s Pizza – Call NowWebsiteDoorDashPostmates

Pitta Gourmet – Call NowWebsiteGrubHub

Place 2 Be – Call NowWebsiteGrubhub

Rush Bowls – Call NowWebsiteGrubHubDoorDashPostmates

Spice Venue – Call NowWebsiteGrubHubUberEats 

Stella’s and Mazie’s – Call NowWebsiteDoorDashGrubhub

Sorella – Call NowWebsiteGrubhubWaiter WheelsDineInCT

The Market Restaurant – Call NowWebsiteUberEats

The Rockin’ Chicken – Call NowWebsiteGrubhubDoorDashPostmates

Trinity Restaurant – Call NowWebsite 

USS Chowder Pot IV – Call Now • WebsiteGrubhubToast 

Woodland Pizza – Call NowWebsite

Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant – Call NowWebsiteGrubHub

V’s Trattoria – Call NowWebsiteDoorDash


Banh Meee – Call NowWebsite 

Brazil Grill – Call NowWebsite

Capital Grille – Call Now • Website 

Carbone’s Ristorante – Call NowWebsite 

Chosen 1 Seafood – Call NowWebsite

OC 2 Go – Call NowWebsite 

El Poeta De Los Sandwiches – Call NowWebsite

El Pollo Guapo – Call NowWebsite 

Feng Chophouse – Call Now • Order Online  

Firebox – Call Now • Order Online

Max Downtown – Call NowWebsite  

Modern Pastry – Call NowWebsite  

Mozzicato’s – Call NowWebsite

Pancitos Tuttis Peruvian Bakery – Call NowWebsite

Piolin Restaurant – Call NowWebsite

Scott’s Jamaican Bakery – Call Now • Website

Saigon Kitchen – Call NowWebsite

Siam – Call NowWebsite

SoulBaila – Call NowWebsite 

Sunberry Cafe – Call Now • Website

Story and Soil Coffee – Call Now • Website

The Kitchen – Call Now • Website

Tastease Mini Donuts – Call Now 

Tisane – Call Now • Website

Trumbull Kitchen – Call Now • Website

Villa Brasil Cafe – Call NowWebsite 


ACA Foods – Call NowWebsite

Bravo Supermarkets – All Locations Open 

C-Town – All Locations Open

Carla’s Supermarket – Call Now

Di Bacco’s Market – Call NowWebsite

El Mercado – Call Now

Five Star Farmers Market – Call NowWebsite

FreshPoint – Grocery Boxes To Go – More InformationCall NowWebsite 

Greenway Market – Call NowWebsiteDoorDashUberEats

Hartford Food Market – Call Now

Kien Company Oriental – Call Now 

LaRosa Marketplace – Call NowWebsite (Not accepting online orders)

Local Creamery & Deli – Call Now

Mori’s Grocery – Call Now

New York Market & Deli – Call NowWebsite 

Sardilli Produce – Produce Pick-Up • Website

Save-A-Lot – Call Now •  Website

Stop & Shop – Call NowWebsite

Tangiers International Market – Call NowWebsite 

The Kitchen – Call Now • Website

Walmart Supercenter – Call NowWebsite


Agave Grill – Call NowWebsite

Bashner’s Liquors – Call NowWebsite

Capital Spirits – Call NowDrizly 

Hog River Brewing – Call NowWebsite

Max Downtown – Call NowWebsite

Phantom Brewing – Call NowOrder Online

Republic at the Linden – Call Now • Website

Spiritus – Call NowWebsite

Thomas Hooker Brewery at Colt – Call NowWebsite


Bear’s Smokehouse – Call Now • Website 

Blind Pig Pizza – Call Now • Website 

Coyote Flaco – Call NowWebsiteGrubHubUberEats

El Nuevo Sarape – Call Now • Website 

First & Last Tavern – Call Now • Website

J Restaurant Bar – Call Now • Website

La Casita Del Sabor II – Call NowWebsite

Parkville Market – See Vendor List

Peppercorn’s Grill – Call Now • Website 

Sorella – Call NowWebsiteGrubHub

Sunberry Cafe – Call NowWebsite

Thomas Hooker Brewery at Colt – Call NowWebsite

Tisane – Call Now • Website

Trumbull Kitchen – Call Now • Website

USS Chowder Pot IV – Call Now • Website 


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