Mixtape Match at Parkville Market

Parkville Market 1400 Park Street, Hartford

WHAT IS MIXTAPE MATCH? MIXTAPE MATCH similar to bingo. But, instead of balls with letters and numbers being called, your host plays a song. Match […]

Virtual Game Night at Citysteam Brewery

City Steam Brewery Cafe 942 Main Street, Hartford

Thursdays are Virtual Game Night at Citysteam Brewery from 6-9PM! This fun game night is played on Jackbox Games and hosted by Barris (your favorite […]

Best Trivia Ever presents Trivia Night at Hog River Brewing

Hog River Brewing Company, 1429 Park Street, Hartford, CT, 06106, United States 2 Park St

FIVE, that's right five, rounds of general knowledge trivia at Hog River Brewing. Presented by Best Trivia Ever, reservations are not required and it's totes […]