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Virtual Writers Weekend


No need to travel! No need to book a room! No need to change out of your jammies! We’re offering Writers Weekend online! Aimed at […]

Connecticut’s Old State House Farmer’s Market

Connecticut's Old State House 800 Main Street, Hartford

The Farmers Market is back for another summer of fun! Join local farmers and artisans Tuesdays and Fridays on the West Bricks of Connecticut's Old […]

Coffee Hour with CHS: From Hoopskirts to Flappers

Connecticut Historical Society 1 Elizabeth Street, Hartford

A woman born in 1850 who lived for 80 years would have seen fashion change dramatically in her lifetime. This program will walk you through […]

The Corner Open Mic


Join Kamora's Cultural Corner every 2nd Friday of the month for a virtual "The Corner" Open Mic, hosted by Brittana VersatilePoetiq Tatum at Kamora's Cultural […]