Oct 13 2022


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Untangling the Tally: The Logistics of Elections

Take a deep dive into how modern elections work and the various ways citizens engage with this core system of democracy. This series aims to untangle the logistics of elections, the role of technology and news coverage during elections, and the challenges faced by electors today to help build trust in their ability to participate in our government with confidence.

It’s Election Day. Time to head to the polls to cast our votes. But what happens to our ballots once we hand them in? In fact, how do the ballots even get to our local polling places? And how are all the ballots from all across the state counted? Election Day is a large, complicated event. It takes months of planning and coordination between state and local governments to pull it off. Who is involved in these logistics? And most importantly, how do we make sure nothing goes wrong?

Join a panel of experts: Ted Bromley, Director of Elections at the Secretary of the State’s Office; Michael J. Brandi, Exec. Dir. and Gen. Counsel of the State Elections Enforcement Commission; Alex Russell, UConn Prof and Director at the Center for Voting Technology Research; and Lauren Olson, Town of Ashford Registrar of Voters, as the discuss the logistics of elections, how the state works together with town clerks and poll workers, and all the measures taken to ensure the election is safe. Moderated by Laura Smits, President of CT’s League of Women Voters.


Ted Bromley (CT), Director of Elections SOTS Office, for the planning, automatic and requested recounts, post election auditing, etc.

Michael J. Brandi (CT), Executive Director and General Counsel of the State Elections Enforcement Commission, for the checks that exist to protect from fraud

Alex Russell (CT), UConn Prof and Director at the Center for Voting Technology Research, for the safeguards in the technology

Lauren Olson, Registrar of Voters, Town of Ashford

Laura Smits (CT), President League of Women Voters of CT – moderator

For more information: https://ctdemocracycenter.org/tally/

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Connecticut's Old State House
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Connecticut's Old State House


Connecticut's Old State House


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