Sep 17 2021


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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Turning the Tides of Justice: The Amistad Trial

In September of 1839, the Amistad captives appeared for the first time in a formal court during trials held at Connecticut’s Old State House. Finally, the Africans were able to have the platform to tell their story and defend their actions onboard the schooner Amistad. In the course of the trials held in Connecticut, the piracy and murder charges against the Africans were dropped and the focus of the case became the status of the captured Africans’ freedom.
Commemorate the Amistad trials and its importance and enjoy a performance by renowned living history actress, Tammy Denease. This program is being held in conjunction with Discovering Amistad. Come early and take a tour of the Amistad, which is currently moored in Hartford.


Connecticut's Old State House
Connecticut's Old State House, Main Street, Hartford, CT, USA


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