Jul 21 2022 - Oct 16 2022
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Supernature is a sculptural tableau inspired by the 1977 disco hit by the same name, produced by Cerrone with lyrics by Lene Lovich. Set to a sweaty disco tempo, this song takes a darker turn, narrating humanity’s careless harm to the environment and the monsters that rise up to seek revenge. Although seemingly sinister, the song ends with a hopeful call for humans to renegotiate their relationship to, and commune with the environment. Combining large scale figurative dancers, VHS sculptural works and speculative records, Supernature parallels queer nightlife with questions of biodiversity and pageantry.

Enamored by the mating rituals of birds of paradise, my research led me to ask “what other locations provide extreme moments of aesthetic and energetic outpouring?” Personal interests provided the answer: the nightclub, specifically the history of American nightlife and disco. From 1970-1979 (when the public decried disco as “dead”), disco culture and the nightclub provided crucial spaces for social engagement and finding community through dance. Specifically, this space was embraced by a spectrum of queer, black, and brown dancers and DJs. It is in these special spaces, where incredible expressions of energy and beauty were expressed. Supernature is an homage to the individuals, music and spaces of this era and a call for community with our immediate environment. Amidst all of the duress of the immediate moment, let us pause and learn to dance with nature.” – Benjamin Spalding


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