Nov 04 2021 - Feb 13 2022


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Naufragium: Kenny Martin

Taking its title from the Latin word for ‘shipwreck’ or ‘wreckage,’ Naufragium sees Martin create large, immersive drawings based on first-hand encounters with regional shipwrecks. Using charcoal, chalk, pastels, and adhesive marks atop sculpturally layered, recycled paper, Martin depicts images of submarine wreckage and obstructions he observes while freediving. Freediving, Martin shares, “means breath-hold diving—using a snorkel and mask, wetsuit and fins, descending for a few minutes each dive.” The resulting drawings are recollections of forms and underwater environments that the artist desires to revisit.

As Martin notes, “the images produced are abstracted by time and perspective, by the ocean current and fluctuation of light, by movement and memory. The drawings are textural and structural.” Naufragium recalls Martin’s visits to often dark, submarine locations of the Long Island Sound and Northwest Atlantic, some forgotten to the human world. These topical locales—‘shipwrecks’ or abstract piles of aged iron—appear as anthropomorphic behemoths and frail vestiges, all laying as motionless bastions of gravity and time.

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