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Jun 04 2023


4:00 pm


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Concert Crave: Artist Showcase – Hartford 2023

Concert Crave is the leading independent concert production company in the United States. With 12+ years of promotions and 5 years of experience producing concerts, artist showcases and developing artists across the country. Our program has proven to enhance artists’ performance set and increase their confidence as a performing artists.

The Concert Crave Artist Showcase tour has expanded into 20 states and over 30 cities. We have had the opportunity to witness artists travel to different cities and encounter new fans who support them, perform on stages for 4,000 people and even create featuring records with headlining artists.

Rehearsal, promotion, relationships and professionalism are key factors in becoming an artist with a strong fan base and solid business principles. The Concert Crave opportunity has the potential to confirm a headlining show experience for you and your team. If music is an outlet for you to demonstrate your art or talent become apart of the Concert Crave experience.


Webster Theater
31 Webster Street, Hartford, CT


The Webster Theater