Nov 11 2021


6:30 pm


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Big Head Todd and The Monsters

Since their formation in the mid-’80s, Big Head Todd and the Monsters have continued to evolve and explore, moving beyond their Colorado club circuit roots to become one of the most adventurous, respected and durable rock bands in America. Through constant touring and a zeal to travel down new musical avenues in the studio, BHTM have honed their collective stew of influences into a trademark hybrid sound that’s immediately recognizable.

Big Head Todd and the Monsters are not that big on anniversaries, so there won’t be any big hoopla over the fact that the band is officially crossing the three-decade mark this year. Thirty years would seem like something to commemorate, especially with the same core lineup, an achievement few other name-brand bands can boast of. Yet right now they’re less about celebrating stability than volatility, in the form of their eleventh studio album, New World Arisin’, which makes good on its forward-facing title with what might be the brashest rock and roll of their career. The old world can’t rest on any laurels, and neither will they.


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